Reach for the Stars - Light up your Life with Astrology
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Have you ever wondered why things keep happening to you?  Does your life seem to be a series of crises?  Are you just coping with what happens every day as it happens with no time to plan?  When you do plan, do your plans always seem to go wrong?  If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, help is available.  The answer probably lies in the stars.
Are you stuck in a rut and bored to death with your job?  Does love seem to elude you?
Do friends say you are too picky, but you know what you want and can't find it? The answers are very likely in your horoscope.
You don't know anything about astrology, and have heard it is all superstition, so how can that help?  Call for a horoscope reading and you might be amazed at how much it can tell you about yourself and why you make the choices you do.  A reading with Joyce can help you understand why some things happen repeatedly, and what you can do about it.  Take charge of your own life and live it on your terms. 
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